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… is a management consultancy located in Leipzig with focus on organizational consulting, process optimization as well as interim management of all corporate areas. YOUR entrepreneurial success forms the basis of our holistic approach to consulting (see below), guaranteeing the most efficient and optimum utilization of the resources available to you. We know from experience that many companies have a hard time adjusting tried-and-tested business processes and structures to changing or novel circumstances (new markets, changes within the product portfolio, growth, etc.).

In cooperative collaboration with you, we formulate a tailored optimization approach. Numerous clients working in many different industries have already benefited from the results of our work. The joint development of effective solutions and concepts makes your company more flexible and saves valuable resources.

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“I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is that they must change if they are to get better.”

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Our approach to consulting

  • Your success is the decisive key factor for our work. Since each corporation / organization has its own peculiarities and operates differently there is no uniform consulting concept. Our approach to consulting reflects this individuality and uniqueness. Within the three stages of our strategy (analysis, implementation and audit), we ensure to draw-up and implement a solution suitable for you and your company.

    Our approach briefly summarized:
    • We provide customized and individual solutions.
    • We inspire and motivate you and your staff, based on the individual personalities.
    • We act together in daily practice.
    • Our approach measurably enhances your corporate results.
  • As a rule, our work commences with a brief analysis aimed at jointly attuned focal actions and activities. Therefore, we developed the two products: Cost-Check and Organization-Check, facilitating us, with reasonable effort and expenses, to provide you at this stage with a transparent picture of the actual situation including the possible potential for optimization. Following a joint assessment of the potential, you are going to receive customized optimization approach for cost reduction or increasing efficiency, effectiveness and service quality.
  • In close collaboration with you, our work is aimed at the implementation of the measures agreed for the organizational optimization in order to achieve measurable results within the shortest amount of time possible. Together we take on responsibility for the project management. Our experienced consultants contribute methodological competence, expertise and goal-orientation. A key success factor throughout the implementation phase is the close involvement of your employees ensuring thereby the long-term success of the measure(s).
  • Success can be measured – we are deeply convinced of that! Upon request, after the implementation and a certain period of time, we control the sustainability of the entire project, which we developed and implemented jointly.

    Only success justifies all – and we are happy to be measured against it!
  • We strongly believe that positive change can only be achieved and sustainably assured with and not against the company’s staff.

    For this reason, in all our projects, special attention is paid to Change Management.

    Because change happens especially in the minds of the employees.

Certified by IBWF

Weiße & Partner is an certified member of IBWF: